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E58          Enterprises, entrepreneurship in the face of globalization and European integration - economic, legislative and social challenges [Текст] / Cracow University of Economics; Department of Economics and Organization of Enterprises; Ed.: R.Borowiecki. – Cracow : Oficyna Wydawnicza ABRYS, 2006. – 246 p.

    This book is a research, theoretical and methodological study, and it presents a systematic review of research achievements in selected areas related to globalization and European integration processes as well as corporate functioning and expansion. The book has the from of a discourse and critical evaluation of the Author's achievements, presenting their own thoughts and proposals pertaining to the investigated issues. Obviously, the book does not cover the entirety of the problems suggested in its title and related to enterprises and entrepreneurship as part of economic globalization processes. The presented papers merely touch on some major issues, demonstrating the views of the Authors from the three academic centres (Cracow University of Economics; Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics; The University of Messina). The particular papers touch upon theoretical and methodological considerations, presenting the results of empirical research in more specialized or general areas. They may

ISBN 83-89726-04-1ББК У50-13+У9(4Пол)+У9(4Укр)


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